How to Naturally Boost and Protect Your Immune System

Lately, our immune systems have been somewhat downplayed as of late. Many of us have a tendency to doctors and medications when we should be relying on the body’s natural defenses. Sometimes our immune systems are capable, and we simply don’t give them a chance. In other cases though, the immune system isn’t able to handle the threat. 

Like all of our bodily functions, the immune system can get worn down over time. If it’s under too much pressure, eventually it will wave a white flag and just give in to whatever it’s trying to fight. Instead of accepting it, there are things you can do to give it back its strength. We’ll look at how you can build your immune system from the ground up and protect it once it’s on the mend. 

Cut Down on Stress 

This is a difficult one to conquer, but it’s also critical for both your mental and physical health. While it can feel nearly impossible, especially in a world where you’re constantly being pulled in a thousand directions, it’s exceptionally important to take time for yourself. It’s an old adage for a reason — you cannot pour from an empty cup. 

Whether it’s cutting back on work or opting for healthier activities, less stress means different things to different people. The more you give your body what it needs though, the more it will start to give back to you. Whether it’s an infection or inflammation, your immune system will have a better chance of coming through on the other side with flying colors. 

Examine Your Diet 

When there are constant new food advice and recommendations (seemingly every other day), the understandable temptation is to simply eat what you like and not worry about it. But even if you don’t want to read every new study that comes out, that doesn’t mean you can’t implement the basics.

There is no magic cure out there when it comes to the perfect diet. It all comes down to more fruits and veggies and less alcohol, fat, and sugar all around. (If you’re a regular smoker, you already know that this isn’t helping you stay healthy.) This doesn’t mean that you can never indulge, but it does mean that those indulgences can’t become a regular habit. 

Get More Exercise 

The more you exercise, the less likely you are the be stressed and the more likely you are to maintain a healthy weight. These are both incredibly important when it comes to keeping your immune system strong. Plus, exercise is pretty much good for your entire body, not just your immune system. From psychological benefits to physical benefits, the perks really do go on and on. 

It’s worth noting that the exact link between exercise and immunity is unclear. Some researchers have suggested that bacteria can be flushed out of the airways through vigorous activity, while others say that the immunity boost comes from the increase in white blood cells. In addition, increasing the body temperature, as you would after exercising, can potentially prevent bacteria from growing. Incidentally, that’s the same reason why you develop a fever. 

Identify Your Micronutrient Deficiencies 

When your gut is healthy, the immune system is in a better position to go to war. Micronutrients, like zinc, copper, vitamin C, and folic acid, have all had positive effects on the immune system in animals.

If you have trouble with consistency when it comes to your diet, you can try supplements to round out your diet such as Rainbow Light Counter Attack. This gluten-free gummy contains few allergins, but plenty of Vitamin C and zinc. 

Remember that extra doses of micronutrients doesn’t necessarily make you healthier. At some point, your body will not be helped by several extra vitamins. The idea is to take it consistently while slowing altering your overall diet. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

The most important thing to remember when it comes to giving your immune system more is that you’re playing the long game. Even if you do everything correctly, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to defend yourself against everything. Essentially, don’t expect everything to be fixed once you’ve made the essential changes. Your immune system is affected by everything from age to body chemistry to environmental factors, and some factors are simply impossible to control. 

As you fold in more of the good stuff and try to eliminate some of the bad, know that you’re taking important steps toward health. As difficult as it can be at first, it will become more automatic over time. The key is to be more aware of the choices you’re making and to look for habits you can stick with. 

Small Lifestyle Changes 

No matter what kind of health changes you’re looking to make, it can often be better to add rather than subtract (at least at first). So instead of cutting out fast food, you simply add a salad before you enjoy that combo meal.

Instead of throwing away your easy chair, you add a walk before you actually settle in for the night. Instead of giving up your cigarettes entirely, you add in a nicotine patch to see if that helps the cravings. 

Another small change that you can make is to incorporate a daily supplement like Mary Ruth’s Immunity Gummies, which contains the nutrients your body needs to support the immune system. Ingredients like echinacea and Vitamin D can go a long way toward shielding both adults and children alike. 

It might sound hyperbolic, but simply taking an interest in your health has a lot to do with your immune system. Your immune system has evolved to fight, but it needs fuel to keep its energy up. The more you run yourself down, whether it’s through long days or hastily put together meals, the less it will have to work with. Protecting yourself from whatever lies beyond begins with measurable changes that eventually add up to big differences.