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Feeling tired and run down? Many adults use caffeine to help regulate their feelings of drowsiness. Most will experience a jittery high and swift crash when they turn to coffee or energy drinks to provide their daily energy boosts. With high-quality caffeine in slow-release capsules, you can improve your energy levels in a much more sustainable way.

There are a lot of caffeine and Vitamin B-12 supplements on the market, but not all are going to work well. In order to boost your energy efficiently, you need to pick a product that is natural, high-quality and created for slow-release. Genius Brand has created Genius Caffeine to support a more productive and focused lifestyle. With Genius Caffeine, you will get that immediate boost you need without experiencing disconcerting anxiety or an unproductive crash afterward.

Stay Focused all Day

Enjoy the slow-release Genius Caffeine that will keep you running high all day long. Rather than peaks of energy followed by sluggish crashes, Genius Caffeine provides a smooth energy boost that lasts for hours on end. Higher levels of energy will lead to better focus.

This is a great product if you need to feel focused and ready to perform in your office or workplace. It won’t leave you with those edgy feelings, anxiety or jitters. You can take one every morning in place of coffee. You could also take one later in the day (just like coffee!) to help you get that spark you need to push past a sleepy afternoon.

To really boost your daily motivation and focus, you can stack Genius Caffeine with Genius Mushrooms. This natural blend will use three kinds of mushrooms that will boost energy and cognitive function: Reishi, Lions Mane and Cordyceps Sinensis. Paired with the Genius Caffeine, you will get mood-boosting energy from multiple sources for an even more effective result.

Because of the effectiveness of this product, you won’t want to take it later in the day. You should give around 6 hours or more between taking a Genius Caffeine pill and going to sleep or it might disrupt your sleep.

Clean and Natural Energy Boost

The kind of caffeine you drink or take will make a huge difference in how it impacts your body. Slow-release technology and pure ingredients ensure your body can experience a positive energy level that won’t spike, won’t drop off and won’t cause negative side effects like other caffeinated products. Genius wanted to create supplements that really did the things they promised, so their formulas including only the best ingredients and are thoroughly tested to ensure you are getting exactly what you pay for.

The trademarked NEWCAFF™ blend of Genius is unlike any other pill or energy drink sold by another brand. It offers an ultra-pure formula in micro-encapsulation. Genius Brand is committed to the highest-quality ingredients in order to make the very best supplements. They don’t use any dyes, fillers or unnecessary additives in their products. Genius Caffeine will naturally increase blood flow, improve muscle performance and enhance endurance levels.

Weight Loss Support

Caffeine helps boost your energy and revitalize your systems, leading to a higher metabolism. This will help improve your control over healthy weight gain or weight loss. Caffeine sparks thermogenesis, which means an increase in metabolism to burn calories at a higher rate. It will also help suppress your appetite for a short amount of time, which will help with portion control. While Genius Caffeine isn’t a weight loss product, the dietary supplement is a great support for weight loss efforts. Pair it with healthy eating or Genius Burn if you are looking to lose weight.

Workout Motivator

This is a great pre-workout supplement to help boost your focus and energy at the gym. If you stack it with Genius Pre, you can achieve a much higher level of physical performance. You could also pair Caffeine and Genius burn to help your body take full advantage of burning fat, increasing weight loss and muscle building. Whether you choose to stack it or just take Genius Caffeine as a pre-workout booster on its own, you will experience a more effective workout.

Genius Caffeine is a product that you can safely take once every meal (3x a day). You won’t have the added sugars or unhealthy ingredients that are in so many energy drinks and coffees. Plus, Genius Burn is less than $15, making it one of the cheapest Genius products. At this price, you will have a month’s worth (or more) of energy at a fraction of what you would pay for coffee. At the price of 3-5 coffees, you will get 100 pure, extended-release caffeine pills for heightened energy and focus.


The Genius Brand Genius Caffeine

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