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If you are feeling down, unable to sleep, foggy or anxious, then you need a change. Feeling low can lead to increased stress and feelings of overwhelm. Suddenly, you feel like you are in a rut and you don’t know how to feel better. If you are feeling sad, apathetic or irritable, your serotonin levels or dopamine production might be lower than optimal. Whatever is disrupting your mood and energy, it can be hard to enjoy your daily life the way you want. Finding the right supplement can make a big difference in helping boost your mood and calm your nerves.

The Genius Brand has a lot of different products that are designed to help boost various aspects of the human condition. Genius Joy helps improve your mood and lowers your impulses for a calmer day-to-day experience.

A Simple Change for a Big Result

With Genius Joy Brain Boosting Nootropic Mood Enhancer, you can boost those serotonin levels to combat anxiety, stress, depression and more. The all-natural formula will boost your dopamine, improving your mood and helping you find inner joy. It takes the science behind natural ingredients and helps your body produce more of those key neurotransmitters that make your brain feel certain ways.

Just two capsules of unflavored veggie goodness each morning will change your outlook on life. The product offers an unexplained calming sensation and helps you navigate stress with ease. This nootropic supplement won’t make you tired or bogged down, but will simply boost your mood. Genius Joy pills will make you feel more optimistic and less prone to frustration or anger.

Naturally Invigorating

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that sends chemical messages throughout the body to keep things balanced. When your serotonin production is low, you may feel fatigued, impulsive, anxious and more. It might make it hard to feel in control. With Genius Joy, those serotonin levels are naturally increased with SAM-e, Rhodiola, ginseng and 11 other vitamins and minerals. Ingredients, like B-vitamins, 5-HTP and s-adenosylmethionine, support the mood boost as well by increasing dopamine levels.

For a holistic approach to stress, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, burnout and breakdowns, Genius Joy Brain Boosting Nootropic Mood Enhancer is the product to try. Aside from the vitamins and vegetables in the capsules, organic rice is the only other ingredient (and NO gelatin!).

You can increase the feel-good chemicals created by your brain when you follow a healthy routine. In order to get the most out of Genius Joy, you should exercise, get out in the sun, explore nature, eat well and give yourself plenty of time for sleeping. You should aim for exercising 5 times a week and getting out in the sun 15 minutes every day to boost your mood (even when it’s cold or rainy). Go barefoot in your yard and spend time digging in your garden to benefit from the natural serotonin-boosting microbes in the dirt that act like anti-depressants. Drink plenty of water and focus on whole foods (especially vegetables) over-processed and packaged foods.

The Formula for Genius

Backed by a brand you can trust, Genius Joy is one of many products from The Genius Brand that are designed to optimize your life. They won’t use unnecessary fillers or false features marketing. Instead, their products are top-quality and offer proven results. They help you achieve better performance with scientifically-backed formulas.

The brand notes, “The Genius Brand was born with an emphasis on science and complete disregard for standard profit margins. We were going to make the best products possible and worry about the cost later.”

According to Genius, the brand chose to put quality far over everything else. While many supplements offer questionable products with lack-luster results, Genius takes pride in producing options that are noticeably different. The founders of Genius were tired of feeling lied to and spending money on worthless products. So, The Genius Brand was established for incredible holistic solutions with clear benefits.

The Genius Difference

Genius Joy really does offer something unique. More than 5,200 customers giving 5-star reviews should say something. Genius Joy is an all-natural approach to antidepressants—offering mood-boosting support without the side effects of medications. One supply of pills should be used within two months. The natural nature of the product means it will go bad if you are keeping it on your shelf for too long. You can also put it in air-tight storage and refrigerate your Genius Joy to lengthen its lifespan (it will not affect product potency).


The Genius Brand Genius Joy

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