Vimerson Health Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine, Boswellia and Ginger

The Vimerson Health Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine, Boswellia, and Ginger is meant to promote joint and muscle health, support a healthy inflammatory response, stimulate digestion and nutrient absorption, and support immune system response. The supplement’s primary ingredient, turmeric root, is combined with turmeric root extract for curcuminoids, black pepper for bioavailability, and other ingredients meant to support natural wellness. This particular turmeric supplement has a higher potency than a lot of comparable brands, but it is also made domestically, vegan, non-GMO, soy-free, and stated to be carefully tested.

Pros of the Supplement:

  • Contains BioPerine (black pepper extract) to encourage nutrient absorption
  • High milligrams of turmeric root in each capsule; don’t have to take many
  • Vegan, gluten free, non GMO, soy-free, dairy-free
  • Delivers complementing ingredients like Boswellia and ginger

Cons of the Supplement:

  • Capsules are a little large but still easy enough to swallow with water
  • Effectiveness can vary depending on the person
  • Some people have an upset stomach with higher doses
  • Not to be taken with certain types of medications or if you have certain medical conditions

About the Ingredients

The manufacturer of Vimerson Health’s Turmeric Boswellia is clear about the ingredients in each capsule or dose. The company is based in the USA and claims to test their ingredients for quality and contaminants. The ingredients include:

  • Turmeric Root (Curcuma longa) 800 mg
  • Turmeric Root Extract (Std. to 95% Curcuminoids) 100 mg
  • BioPerine (Black Pepper Extract, Piper nigrum; Fruit) 10 mg
  • Boswellia Gum Extract (Boswellia serrata) 600 mg
  • Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale) 100 mg
  • And Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose Capsule

The fact that this supplement offers both turmeric root and turmeric root extracts to get those beneficial curcuminoids is nice. And, you do always have to be careful to make sure a turmeric curcumin supplement contains black pepper extract because turmeric is not so absorbable all by itself. The Turmeric Curcumin Supplement from Vimerson Health has that covered. The added ginger root and Boswellia gum extract are not necessary agents, but they do offer similar benefits as turmeric, so the inclusion of these can support the overall benefits.

Who Could Benefit from the Turmeric Curcumin Supplement from Vimerson Health

Vimerson Health’s Turmeric Boswellia supplement is formulated for adults of just about any age. Plus, the fact that the product is vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and gluten-free makes it a good option for people with specific health or dietary concerns. In general, the supplement works out best for people who:

  • Are looking for a more natural way to relieve pain and inflammation
  • Have issues with inflamed or achy joints or mobility
  • Want a supplement made in the USA that has been properly tested
  • Need a more affordable way to get doses of turmeric curcumin daily

The manufacturer does state that the product is not for people under the age of 18, who are pregnant or nursing, or if you have had issues with either bile obstruction or gallstones. They also recommend talking to your doctor before taking Vimerson Health’s Turmeric Boswellia if you take certain medications, especially those for high blood pressure or heart disease.

Getting Started with Vimerson Health’s Turmeric Boswellia

Taking Vimerson Health’s Turmeric Boswellia is simple, so working the supplement into your daily regimen is not hard to do. You simply take your dosage with a full glass of water and a meal once a day. the suggested dosage is two capsules daily, but it can be helpful to take just one capsule if you feel like the supplement is causing a bit of nausea or intestinal upset.

A lot of people do take the supplement with their last meal before bed to enjoy the relieving qualities to support better sleep. Additionally, it is always good to start with a lower dose, monitor for any negative side effects, and adjust. Taking one capsule can be best at first to see if you have any reactions and then you can simply take two capsules at your next dosing time if all is fine.

About the Cost of the Supplement

Overall, the cost of the Vimerson Health Turmeric Boswellia supplement is reasonable. Whether you take a single capsule daily or two capsules daily as suggested by the recommendations on the label, you’re still getting what you need for less than $1 per day. Therefore, you get a host of proposed benefits for way less than you would pay for a cup of coffee or a soda. Plus, Vimerson Health provides a 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the supplement and get your money back if you’re not happy with the quality or effects.

The Verdict on Vimerson Health Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine, Boswellia, and Ginger

With all things considered, the Vimerson Health Turmeric Boswellia supplement seems to be a really good way to get some turmeric-curcumin into your routine. The fact that the supplement offers a high dose of turmeric in each capsule along with supportive ingredients is an attractive selling point. For those looking to try a natural solution for pain and inflammation, Vimerson Health’s Turmeric Boswellia seems to be a logical option, and the money-back guarantee makes the product a financially risk-free option.


Vimerson Health Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine, Boswellia and Ginger

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